we have pleasure to offer overstock sheets :


woodfree paper uncoated & tinted in the mass.

Part of the stock has a 2-sided felt texture, the depth of which increases with increasing density. This kind of the paper is designe for all traditional printing methods: letterpress, offset and silk screen, as well a embossing – foil, blind and embossing. Additional operations: cutting, laser cutting, creasing, folding, gluing on tape and glue, stitching. Due to the high porosity,oxidative curing paints are recommended. An uneven paper surface requires dditional adjustment of the printer’s reel.

Application – a wide range of high-end printing products, from elegant corporate identity carriers to exclusive packaging

SIZE RANGE: cm 70×100 & 72×101
GSM RANGE : 80-300
QUANTITY : 26 Mt  
packing list: on request / colors : yellow , pink, Ivory, red
pick & choose : no
samples: not available
TDS : no 
pictures : on request
dispatch port : Venice port (IT)
MOQ : as take whole lot  

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