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we have pleasure offer prime overproduction reels as ongoing delivery program:

Extra High Performance XTR Medium liner board 


there are prime overproduction reels – no technical problems
next generation product that delivers maximized fiber performance, high efficiency, and a level of quality that meets or exceeds that of other substrates.
With XTRTM, created a lightweight, sustainable, high-strength, 100% recycled linerboard that’s designed to surpass industry expectations and help our customers succeed.
With the introduction of XTRTM, you can capitalize on a lightweight linerboard that delivers equivalent or higher strength properties at a lower cost. In fact, less corrugated materials and high ECT specs mean you’ll save on paper costs without sacrificing your high standards of qualityThe XTR liner can be suitable as alternative for strong kraft bag paper or light cores production as well at much lower price than exact material for these applications

You can check the technical data: Click here and download the technical data!

WIDTH SIZE RANGE : 100-250cm
GSM RANGE : 90-140
QUANTITY : up to 2000 Mt per month

NOTE: we are able supply prime regular production as well in your size & your gsm needed  btw 90-205gsm (MOQ 250Mt) :  click here & send us your requirement for prime production  

ORIGIN : Canada

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